An adventure that will cross dirt roads, which delve into wild seas, and rivers that descend into lost regions. From the North of Japan to the islands of Indonesia, Papua Borneo, from Micronesia to southern New Zealand. An unusual, one year journey.

We will make a trip of 40,000 kilometers.

We will travel to the end of the world and then, a little further.

We will live with the others to discover that the others are us.

There, where the last tribes live in the last jungles, where there are no islands to tourists, only havens full of active volcanoes and rituals that can kill you.

We will approach the forgotten people, tell their story. We’ll go even further, reaching the last indigenous communities, giving voice to the men who inhabit the most remote planet.

Where can you watch it?

In the territories of Spain and Latin America, you can watch Pacific on Amazon Prime Video, with the title: "Pacifico, un viaje a los confines del hombre." Access the Pacific link on Amazon Prime Video.