A World Apart

A World Apart is the story of an extraordinary journey, the tale of two years on the road in search of the last indigenous communities which inhabit our planet. The off-screen cameraman, with his own vision of the world, will lend his voice to the series, guiding the viewer along the great routes, all brought together in this one journey. From Spain to North Cape, from Saint Petersburg to the Kamchatka Peninsula, from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego and from Cape Town to Istanbul, great expeditions of the world united in one unique journey.

The aim of the series is to show the indigenous peoples, but travelling by car, the travellers will also have to cross extreme terrain and natural environments which characterise the way of life of these worlds apart. The expedition will meet the 21st Century aboriginals and will live with them, showing the viewer what their lives are really like, without just delving into the folklore. That will allow us to see the links between the most deeply- rooted traditions and progress, the influence of the Internet, climate change and a common characteristic of all indigenous people of the world: the love of nature.

“13 isolated ethnic groups, 13 different contexts, 13 episodes.
One unique journey.”

This is a series which attempts to show the world through the eyes of the travellers who start their car up in Spain and only stop it again there 25 months later, with the world in their shoes. The series offers the viewer the opportunity to discover staggering landscapes with them. Daniel Landa and José Luis Feliu will be in charge of introducing the each corner of the world, giving a face to the adventure during the emotional times and the difficulties of this incredibly long journey. They will share food with the natives, they will be witnesses to their traditions and they will talk with the true protagonists of this story: the indigenous people.

"This series has been broadcast
in over 130 countries around the world."

Where can you watch it?

A World Apart is available on YouTube in both the Spanish and English versions. Access the official channel of A World Apart.