“If your soul needs air, open out the door”

This is the story of a journey gone wrong, of an expedition derailed at a time when the world is closed to travelers. Perhaps that is why the Atlantic series is so visceral, so human, so exciting.

A team made up of Camila, Tato, Vinsen and Daniel Landa (Pacific and A World Apart) embarks on a journey with the intention of circumnavigating the Atlantic Ocean by land aboard two vehicles, departing from Cape Finisterre in Galicia, until reaching Cape of the Needles, in South Africa.

On the inner journey, the team will suffer accidents and illnesses but they will always end up rewarded for a path full of magic… until the magic breaks into a thousand pieces with the outbreak of a global pandemic: that of covid-19

Only Vinsen and Daniel join the adventure within another adventure: touring Africa in times of a pandemic, with many closed borders, experiencing quarantines and a collection of problems along the way.

Where can you watch it?

Atlantic is not on any platform at the moment. It can only be watched on RTVE a la Carta while the series is being broadcast. Every week the latest episode broadcast is available on La 2.