“If your soul needs air, open out the door”

This is the story of a journey gone wrong, of an expedition derailed at a time when the world is closed to travelers. Perhaps that is why the Atlantic series is so visceral, so human, so exciting.

A World Apart

A World Apart is the story of an extraordinary journey, the tale of two years on the road in search of the last indigenous communities which inhabit our planet. The off-screen cameraman, with his own vision of the world, will lend his voice to the series, guiding the viewer along the great routes, all brought together in this one journey. From Spain to North Cape, from Saint Petersburg to the Kamchatka Peninsula, from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego and from Cape Town to Istanbul, great expeditions of the world united in one unique journey.


An adventure that will cross dirt roads, which delve into wild seas, and rivers that descend into lost regions. From the North of Japan to the islands of Indonesia, Papua Borneo, from Micronesia to southern New Zealand. An unusual, one year journey.